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Freshwater Plantation is incredibly fertile land. The highlands which comprise the majority of the acreage enjoys above average rainfall due to its position in the lee of the prevailing trade winds. 

Banyan Trees


300 acres of the property is heavily wooded with both hardwood and softwood trees as well as giant stands of wild coffee valued by locals as a building material for their customary houses. Species include Rosewood, Namilous, Red Stingwood Whitewood and Melktree.

Cocoa Pod


10,000 mature cocoa trees, 500 hybrid coconuts in production. The plantation also has a mixture of orange, mandarine, avacados, bamblyfruit, breadfruit, marcot, leychee, Vanuatu apple, and mango trees as well as Tamarind, Taminu and Ngangui nut trees.  

Baby Goat


Freshwater Plantation raises goats and ducks for milk, meat and eggs. We have a small dairy herd breeding and some wild cattle in the upper reaches of the farm. Wild pigs are also prevalent. There are no natural predators.

Some of our organic produce...


Organic Chocolate

Made from our very own lovingly grown, tended, harvested, fermented and dried cocoa beans.


Amazing Cocoballs

Using our own raw cocoa nibs and secret ingredients all sourced locally produces Freshwater's tantilising cocoballs.
Try some with our Aore coffee or take home a dot dot bag of balls for later on.


Organic Goat Cheese

Its no wonder our goats look so smug. They are the source of the milk that produces our unique goat cheese. Made fresh every day after milking. Try some with our own lavosh crackers.