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Today, Freshwater employs upwards of 20 people engaged in agriculture, hospitality and agri tourism interpretation. Guests are welcomed daily for our plantation tour or just for the acclaimed restaurant. Get here either from Aore Island (we arrange pickup) or from Santo by 3 minute boat trip from San Michel and a short taxi ride from Luganville. 

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Aore Island Ferry

Getting to Freshwater plantation is easy and right now its totally free for scheduled tours. On Santo catch a taxi to San Michel Landing on the road west out of town. About 4 Km. 

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Plantation Ramble

Our regular daily plantantion tour begins with your free boat ride from Santo or car pickup on Aore. Join our informative guide for an interpretive journey through the cocoa, Bat Cave and native gardens.

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Breakfast walk

Join our weekend rainforest hike. Starting at 7am, don a backpack and make a group for a walk up our escarpment while its still cool followed by a hearty breakfast. Includes boat ride and Breakfast.